Bass Fish Serving Board: Teak Root with Stunning Resin Art & Gold Accents

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Elevate your entertaining with a one-of-a-kind serving board, handcrafted from salvaged teak root. Allowing natural elements to take center stage, this 16"x12"x1" masterpiece features a mesmerizing scene of layered, pigmented resin colors that dances across the surface like a symphony of textures. Visually stunning and functional, visualize this board becoming the focal point of your table, creating a space that resonates with warmth, character, and sophistication.

Perfect for the discerning foodie or a thoughtful wedding gift, this board achieves the perfect balance of rustic and refined. A hand-painted watercolor bass fish adds a touch of whimsy, while threads of 24K gold create a touch of luxury. Each board is unique, making it a true conversation starter and a treasured piece of art.

Food-safe and heat resistant, this board is perfect for serving charcuterie, appetizers, or highlighting your culinary creations. When not in use, hang it on your gallery wall for a touch of artistic flair.

Care Instructions:

  • Wood: Wash gently with warm water and mild soap. Towel dry and avoid submerging.

  • Resin Artwork: Wipe clean with a damp, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Wyoming Artisan Art

Encampment, WY

Meet the Maker

Handmade Heirlooms, Not Just Servingware: Charcuterie Boards with Wood, Resin, Laser Magic, and a Touch of Enchantment

Each of our cheese boards whispers a story of collaboration, craftsmanship, and passion. It begins amidst the whispering pines and family-owned sawmills, where we hand-select the finest hardwood. These are no ordinary planks; they're whispers of nature, waiting to be transformed into culinary canvases.

We, and with the help of others, breathe life into these whispers. Skilled artisans, their hands guided by decades of tradition, meticulously cut the wood to my bespoke designs. Each curve, each edge, is a testament to their unwavering dedication. For our larger charcuterie cheese boards, the magic happens right here in our studio, where the soul of the wood truly comes alive under the hands of my husband's skilled craftsmanship.

But nature's symphony isn't complete without melody. We paint its rhythm with food-safe epoxies, certified for your safety and made with pride in the USA. Mica powders and resin pigments dance under my hand, swirling into vibrant landscapes or delicate patterns. Through a synergy of resin and artistry, we craft breathtaking pieces that transcend individual contributions.

For a touch of opulence, ribbons of 24-karat gold or pure silver may grace the surface, adding a whisper of luxury and a gleam of individuality. This isn't just a cheese board; it's a statement piece, a conversation starter, a reminder that beauty lies in the handmade.

However, for those who seek a more natural rustic approach, we offer a special selection of natural solid wood boards adorned with intricate laser-engraved designs. These artistic flourishes, inspired by nature, landscapes, or whimsical themes, add a touch of warmth and personality to your charcuterie spread, transforming it into a centerpiece that tells a story.


Many layers of artistry come together to complete the piece: resin, color, graphic, laser, and perhaps a touch of precious metal, each one a brushstroke in the masterpiece. Then, comes the meticulous sanding, the nourishing oil, the final kiss of the lens, and the proud inscription of our maker's mark and number as each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Each board takes a week to journey from the time it enters my studio, a testament to the love and dedication poured into every step.

So, when you choose one of our boards, you’re choosing an investment in a story, a celebration of artisan skill, and a commitment to quality that transcends manufactured monotony. When you hold our cheese board, you hold a piece of nature's beauty, whispered through the hands of passionate creators. So, gather your loved ones, savor the bounty, and let the whispers of craftsmanship fill your home.


I am, Marcy, the artist and designer behind these rustic delights, bringing my passion for nature and art to life on each board. My husband, Skyler, is the skilled craftsman, who works the wood with his skilled hands. Together, we create heirlooms in the making, pieces that families can cherish for generations and that add a touch of rustic charm to any home.

Come explore our collection and discover the perfect board to tell your own story.


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How it’s Made

From Salvaged Root to Artistic Masterpiece: How We Craft Our One-of-a-Kind Cheese Boards

Our stunning cheese boards begin their lives as a single piece of salvaged teak root, each boasting unique grain patterns that tell a story of time and growth. Measuring 16"x12"x1", these beauties are not only functional for serving charcuterie and appetizers, but also durable and eco-friendly.

The artistic journey starts with transforming the natural canvas. We use food-safe epoxies, proudly made in the USA, to paint the board's rhythm with vibrant landscapes or delicate swirls of color. Mica powders and pigments dance beneath our hands, guided by artistic vision.

For a touch of luxury, we may incorporate ribbons of 24-karat gold or pure silver, adding a personal touch of opulence. This is more than a cheese board; it's a conversation starter, a reminder of the beauty inherent in handcrafted objects.

Three layers of artistry come together: resin, color, and graphic accents, sometimes touched with precious metal. Each layer is like a brushstroke in a masterpiece.

The meticulous process continues with sanding, nourishing the wood with a food-safe blend of organic beeswax and mineral oil, and finally, the inscription of our maker's mark and number. Each board takes a full week to complete, a testament to the love poured into every step.

Owning one of our cheese boards isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in a story, a celebration of artisan skill, and a commitment to quality that surpasses mass production. It's a piece of nature's beauty, transformed by passionate creators. So gather loved ones, savor delicious food, and let the whispers of craftsmanship fill your home.

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